WWII Nutley Sons Casualty Chronology

Nutley population 1940 - 21,954

2,882 men and women from Nutley served in WWII.

92 never came home.

Alphabetical listing



William Donohue was killed on Dec. 2, 1941.


Preston Hastings was killed on Jan. 23.

Samuel Cobb died on April 16.

Herbert Maxwell was reported MIA over the North Atlantic on June 8.

Joseph Kirwelewicz died July 12 near Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.

Arthur Garrett was KIA Oct. 8 in the Pacific.

Francis Schwarzenbek was MIA since Oct. 21.

Herbert Washburne was KIA Nov. 13 at Guadalcanal.

James Hare died Nov. 27 in a Japanese prison camp.


Souren Avedisian died in January in Cold Springs, Texas.

Samuel Powers was killed in February near Morrison Field, Tenn.

Robert Turchette was killed in March in Little Rock, Ark.

Walter Brandenberger died March 2

William Nutzel Jr. was reported MIA March 22.

George Stanford died April 1.

C. Hayden Malmstrom was KIA April 6 in North Africa.

Thomas Ashton Jr. was lost aboard a submarine in April.

Dominick Cassera was killed near Benton, Mo., in April.

Percy Shuart was KIA July 11 in Sicily.

Warren Marks was KIA July 13 in the Mediterranean.

James Murren was killed Aug. 31 over the Straights of Dover.

Allen Thomas Duke, a Royal Canadian Air Force flyer, was KIA Aug. 17 overseas.

Charles A. Braun

Stanley Hand was KIA Oct. 4 in North Africa.

Richard Van Divort was killed over Forestell, Mo., in October.

John Del Grosso died Nov. 10 in Santiago, Calif.

Frederick Comer was reported MIA Nov. 26.

Charles Katt was KIA Nov. 26 in Europe.


Cecil Dunthorn was KIA Jan. 15 in the South Pacific.

Charles Haney died Jan. 19 near Cherry Point, N.C.

Robert Cary was reported MIA March 19, in Italy.

John Peter Canis was KIA April 2 at Anzio.

Charles Coburn died April 22 in Woodbury.

Richard E. Teeple was MIA over Greece April 25.

Gordon Tasney was MIA over Italy since early April.

Edward Oyler was KIA in Italy on May 11, 1944.

Daniel Antonacci was KIA May 14 at Anzio.

Donald Wood was KIA in France on June 7.

Lee White died in the ETO on June 8.

Stanley Szczyrek was KIA in France on June 8.

Ronald McCormack was MIA on June 9, after the invasion of Normandy.

William G. Pearson was KIA in the Normandy invasion on June 6.

Theodore Cassera was KIA in June in France.

Howard Lemperle was KIA June 24 in Italy.

Walter Mihalchuk was KIA July 3 in France.

John Gervan was KIA over France July 4.

Charles O’Neill was killed July 14 in France.

Wilbur Westfall was KIA July 20 in France.

James Pierce died July 30 in England.

Wallace Reed was KIA Aug. 6 in France.

George Haack was killed in action on Sept. 8, 1944

Anthony Di Petta was lost at sea Sept. 10 in the South Pacific.

Robert Dickert was KIA Sept. 15 in France.

Charles Liebau was KIA Sept. 16 in France.

Robert Clendinning Jr. was KIA Sept. 27 over England.

Walter Stecewicz died Oct. 24 in Italy.

Arthur Leithauser was killed Nov. 2 in France.

Anthony Impellizzeri was killed Nov. 2 in Germany.

Joseph Des Jardins was killed Nov. 5 in France.

Thurston F. Woodford was killed Nov. 10 in the South Pacific.

William Louden was MIA Nov. 13 in the Pacific.

Lt. John M. Hanley was killed Nov. 21 in Burma.

Sydney Butcher was KIA Nov. 24 in France.

Frank Stangota was KIA Nov. 25 in France.

Maro Jahr was KIA Dec. 15 in Germany.

Halsey Miller was killed Dec. 17 in, Malmedy, Belgium.

Eugene Bellene was KIA Dec. 17 near Berdorf, Luxembourg.

Charles Smith was KIA Dec. 23 in Belgium.

Thomas Maxham was killed Dec. 24 at Dudhkund, India.

Malcolm Christopher was KIA Dec 25 in the English Channel.

William Deighan was KIA Dec. 30 in the ETO.

Normandy Invasion

Cherbourg Battle


Frederick Kurz was KIA on Jan. 16

Carl L. Hansen was KIA in France on Jan. 17

Frank Burak was KIA Feb. 2 in Germany.

Norman Bell was KIA Feb. 20 in the Pacific.

E. David Kurz was KIA in Germany on Feb. 26.

Emil M. Liloia was KIA March 1 on Iwo Jima.

Arthur Abbott Jr. was KIA March 4 on Iwo Jima.

Vincent Fields was KIA March 6 on Iwo Jima.

Howard Harle Jr. died in Europe on March 6.

Walter J. Kotwica was KIA in Germany.

James J. LoFrano was KIA in Germany on April 8

Russell W. Wester was KIA April 11 in the Netherlands.

Gilbert Davies was KIA April 17 in Italy.

Frank Garruto was KIA in April.

Lothrop F. Ellis was killed July 17, at Salina, Kan.

Robert M. Gray was believed killed April 19 in Germany.

John Windheim Jr. was killed Sept. 18 at Corpus Christi, Texas.

William Frost died Nov. 8 in Atlanta, Ga.

Thomas Smith was killed Nov. 30.



John Mutch died in Michigan in January.

Werner Holzhauer Jr.



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