Ens. William Louden Killed in Bomber Run

Ensign William Louden, Nutley, N.J. Killed in Action(Feb. 1, 1946) -- Ensign William Louden, reported missing in action since Nov. 13, 1944, is now officially listed as dead.

Ensign Louden was on a  bombing strike when the torpedo bomber he piloted crashed in Cavite Harbor in the Philippines. He was attached to the Carrier Monterez.

Louden went through the local schools, graduating from Nutley High school.

He is survived by his mother Mrs. Flora C. Bornemann of Garden place, and a brother, Sgt. Henry C. Louden.

The Nutley Sun, January 5, 1945

Added to Nutley's War Victims
Four Local Boys Missing In Action

Feb. 1, 1946

Ensign Louden Is Listed As Dead

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World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing,
State of New Jersey, War Dept. June 1946

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