1st Lt. William Nutzel KIA in N. Africa

(April 30, 1943) -- William C. Nutzel, of Glendale street, received word last Tuesday that his son, 1st Lt. William C. Nutzel Jr., an officer with the Reconnaissance Division of the U.S. Army Air Corps., had been missing since March 22nd. The last letter he wrote home was dated March 19.

1st Lt. William G. Nutzel Jr., was a member of the 154th Observation Squadron, 68th Observation Group.

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68th Air Refueling Wing, Heavy
Seymour Johnson AFB, Goldsboro, North Carolina
Eighth Air Force

The 68th Air Refueling Wing was originally established as the 68th Observation Group in Brownwood, Texas, on 1 September 1941.

Its primary mission was observation aircraft training and antisubmarine patrols. The group moved to several different U.S. locations in preparation for oversea deployment in 1942.

The 68th split into a number of different elements beginning on 22 September 1942. One section moved by ship to England, and then to the invasion of North Africa, while another large section moved directly to North Africa.

The group movement finally ended on 2 January 1943, when all of its elements united at Oujda, French Morocco. From here, the group engaged in intensive training and flew antisubmarine patrols in western Mediterranean waters.

Late in March 1943, the 68th moved to Beerechid Airfield and trained P-38 and P-39 pilots. On 26 October 1943, the group moved to Massicault Airdrome, Tunisia, where it became little more than a skeleton force.

After a move to Blida, Algeria, on 15 June 1944, the group was

Combat Chronology of the
United States Army Air Forces in World War II
March 1943


(Ninth Air Force): In Italy during the night of 21/22 Mar, RAF Liberators, under operational control of the IX Bomber Command, bomb Naples.

In Tunisia, B-25's hit the Gabes area, bombing a road junction, motor transport, and troop concentrations. P-40's fly 5 escort missions during the day.

British ground forces, after expanding the Oued Zigzaou bridgehead during 21/22 Mar, are severely handicapped by heavy rain. The enemy counter-attacks and forces 50 Division to give ground.

In Tunisia, Northwest African Strategic Air Force (NASAF) Wellingtons hit the landing ground near Sfax during the night
of 21/22 March.

Northwest African Tactical Air Force (NATAF) fighters fly numerous reconnaissance and patrol missions while A-20's bomb Mezzouna and fighter-bombers hit motor transport and tanks in the northern Tunisian battle area.

In the Mediterranean, B-26's on a sea sweep attack vessels near Zembra Island. In Sicily, B-17's bomb shipping in the harbor at Palermo.

The Nutley Sun, April 30, 1943

Army Flyer And Sailor Are
Reported Missing In Action

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