T-Sgt. Thomas J. Maxham KIA in Bomber Take-Off in India
Photo courtesy of Ed Stecewicz, & American Legion(January 12, 1945) -- On Dec. 24, T-Sgt. Thomas J. Maxham was killed in a crash of a B-29 bomber in a take-off at Budhkundi, India, according to a War Department telegram received Dec. 30 by Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rhodes of Chase street, Nutley.

Maxham, a nephew of the Rhodes with whom he lived for a long while, was a radar operator on a B-29.

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Mary Furnari

Tech Sgt. Maxham (X) & Crew

For more information on the crew and its last flight.

Card courtesy of Mrs. Mary Furnari


The Nutley Sun: Jan. 12, 1945; TWO MORE LOCAL BOYS LOSE LIVES

Newark News: Nutley Flyer Died In Bomber Crash

American Legion Post 70 Memorial - Ed Stecewicz photo

Mrs. Mary Furnari (crew photo & memorial card)

Mark R. Miller, son of Uline C. Miller, flight engineer, 58W/444G/676S

444th Bomb Group

National World War II Memorial

Crew and its last flight.

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