T/Sgt. Walter Stecewicz

Awarded Silver Star

and Bronze Medal


The adjutant General's office

Mr. Anthony Stecewicz
25 May 1945
 Centre Street
Nutley, New Jersey  

Dear Mr. Stecewicz:       

I have the honor to inform you that, by direction of the President, the Silver Star and the Bronze Star Medal have been posthumously awarded to your son, Technical Sergeant Walter A. Stecewicz, Infantry. The citations are as follows:


" For gallantry in action on July 1944, in Italy. While leading his platoon along a route running below a high railroad embankment, Sergeant Stecewicz stopped to regain contact on his flanks. Hearing some noise coming from a culvert some 10 yards ahead, Sergeant Stecewicz went forward by himself to investigate. Upon entering the culvert he found himself face to face with the leading elements of a large enemy patrol. He instantly opened fire with his M-1 rifle and killed three of the enemy, wounded three and forced three to surrender. The remainder of the enemy force, overwhelmed by Sergeant Stecewicz's aggressiveness, fled in disorder after firing a few wild shots. The courage, quick thinking and accuracy displayed by Sergeant Stecewicz was exemplary and an inspiration to his men."


"For heroic achievement in action on 2 June 1944 in Italy. During an attack aimed at cutting an enemy supply route, two men were killed and five wounded, including the platoon leader. Determined to accomplish the mission, Sergeant Stecewicz immediately took command of the platoon and refusing to be disturbed by the heavy artillery and grazing machine gun fire, he calmly and courageously led his men to their objective. He then exposed himself to the hostile fire to organize a defensive position and insure his small body of men maximum security. He then made his way to the wounded and rendered what first aid he could. Later he secured litter bearers and had all casualties evacuated. The courage and leadership displayed by Sergeant Stecewicz were exemplary and a source of inspiration to his men."

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Letters courtesy of Ed Stecewicz, nephew.

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