Cold War - Peacetime Casualties

Nutley, New Jersey

Sgt. Lawrence DiVuolo died in a plane crash on March 22, 1955

Lt. Frank P. Jannarone was killed in an air crash on June 12, 1958

Staff Sgt. Charles A. Marsh died following an auto accident on July 23, 1958

Lt. Salvatore Pillitteri died in an auto accident on January 25, 1957

Seaman Pervis Robison Jr., was killed at sea on April 10, 1963

Dennis R. Schutte was killed in an auto accident in France in July 1956.

1st Charles Lt. Tillou was killed in an air collision in September 1958

2nd Thomas W. Lt. Tuttle was killed in a crash landing on May 7,1958

Lt. Edward J. Zuczek was lost in a storm at sea in October 1958

The Nutley Sons Honor Roll web site lists biographies of the more than 130 Nutley sons who died while in service to our country. Nine who died during peacetime vigilance were not listed on our town's war memorials.

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Peacetime Memorial, Nutley, NJ

News Release May 30, 2005

Along with with Mayor Joanne Cocchiola, the Nutley Township Commissioners and Nutley Veterans Council we dedicated  the 'Peacetime Casualties' memorial
on Monday, May 30, 2005. The memorial is located on the green located southeast of Town Hall, near the town well.

DiVuolo, Jannarone and Pillitteri were graduated from
Nutley High School Class of 1951

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