Memorial Day 2003

Remembering 1943

Nutley, New Jersey

This Memorial Day, let us not forget these Nutley sons, brothers and fathers who paid the ultimate price for our freedom in 1943:

Souren Avedisian of Alexander Avenue, a flight instructor with the Army Air Forces died in January 1943 while on active duty in Cold Springs, Texas.

Corp. Samuel Powers, 24, of Yale Street, was killed in February when the plane he was on crashed near Morrison Field, in Tennessee.

William Nutzel Jr. of Glendale Street was reported missing in action March 22.

2nd Lt. Robert Turchette, of Nutley Avenue, was killed in March when the bomber on which he was a crew member crashed in Little Rock, Ark.

Staff Sgt. Carlyle Hayden Malmstrom, of Cathedral Avenue, was killed in action in North Africa on April 6.

Thomas Ashton Jr., of Cathedral Avenue, was reported aboard a submarine missing at sea in April.

Dominick A. Cassera, 20, a civilian flying instructor, of Glendale Street, was killed in an airplane crash near Benton, Mo., in April.

Cpl. Percy W. Shuart, 23, a paratrooper, of Whitford Avenue, was killed in the opening invasion of Sicily on July 11.

Sgt. James Murren, 19, a tail gunner, of Woodland Avenue, was killed in an aerial collision over the Straights of Dover on Aug. 31.

Allen Thomas Duke, a Royal Canadian Air Force flyer, of William Street, was killed in action overseas on Aug. 17.

Midshipman Warren P. Marks, an engineer cadet officer, of St. Mary’s Place, was killed in action somewhere in the Mediterranean, in August.

Captain Richard Van Divort, of Oak Ridge Avenue, was killed on a routine flight over Forestell, Mo, in October.

Master Tech Sgt. John Del Grosso, an instructor in the U.S. Marine Reserves, of Race Street, died in Santiago, Calif. on Nov. 10.

Frederick Comer, of Princeton Street, was reported missing in action on Nov. 26.

Sgt. Charles Katt, 22, of Conover Avenue, was aboard a troop ship sunk as a direct result of enemy action in the European Theatre of Operation on Nov. 26.

Let us in Nutley forget none of the 92 who died in WWII, the 17 who died in WWI, the 9 who died in Korea, the 9 who died in Vietnam, or those, such as Frank Jannarone Jr. (45 years ago) and Pervis Robison (40 years ago), who died in service during peace time.

Written by Anthony Buccino, this ran June 2003, as a letter to the editor in The Nutley Sun and the Nutley Journal.

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