Fireman 1/c Richard Arthur Miller

Killed During Landing Exercise

(July 20, 1951) Fireman 1/c Richard Arthur Miller, 20, was killed last Thursday during an amphibious landing exercise at Camp Pendleton, Va.

Miller is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Miller of Highfield Lane.

Mrs. Miller learned of the details of the accident from the youth's commanding officer. He stated that Fireman Miller was at his station at the motor controls of a small landing craft suspended from booms on the USS Cambria, a navy transport, when the cable snapped. The small craft upset, dangling stern down over the water. One of the remaining cables trapped Miller against the engine housing killing him instantly.

Miller died of a broken neck and fractured spine, the Navy said. None of the others in the small boat was seriously injured.

Miller, born in Newark, had lived in Nutley 13 years and was graduated from Nutley High School. He had served for a year in the Navy in 1949 and was recalled to service last September. During the interim he was employed as an apprentice wire weaver with Eastwood-Nealey Corp., Belleville.

Since his return to naval service, Miller had been assigned to the Cambria, which is based at Norfolk.

Services were held Tuesday afternoon at Kiernan Funeral Parlor, Belleville. The Rev. Raymond E. Neff, pastor of Vincent Methodist Church officiated. A Navy escort consisted of firing squad and bugler.

Adapted from The Nutley Sun, July 20, 1951

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